A small boy heard the ocean roar
There are secrets on my distant shore
But beware my child, the ships bell´s wail
Wait not to long to start to sail
So quickly come and go the years
And a young adult stands abeach with fears
Come on, Come on the ocean cussed
Time passes on. Oh sail you must.
Now its business in mid-aged prime
And maybe tomorrow there will be time
Now is too soon, its raining today
Gone all gone-years are eaten away.
An old man looks, still feeling the lure
Yet he´ll suffer the pain, than go for the cure
The hair is white, the steps with care,
 The tide has turned, he is aware.
So all too soon the secrets are buried
Along with him and all regrets he carried
And it´s not for the loss of secrets he cried
But rather because he´d never tried
Okänd poet
*          *          *      
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